The Family

The Albert W. Henn Family

Mr. Henn was married in Cleveland, April 17, 1889, to Miss Gertrude Jeannette Bruce, and they had six children, their first two sons, Jesse and William died in infancy leaving three sons and one daughter surviving. Edwin C., a graduate of Cornell University; Howard R. a graduate of Yale University, Jeannette, a graduate of Vassar College; and Robert B a graduate of Cornell University.

Mr. Henn and his brother E. C. Henn patented the Multiple Spindle Lathe, (EC’s invention) which revolutionized the machine tool industry. Then they organized the Acme Machine Screw Company, with E. C. Henn as president and Albert W. Henn as secretary and treasurer. In 1902 they merged their enterprise with the National Manufacturing Company of Cleveland and changed their caption to the National-Acme Manufacturing Company.

Mr. Henn became Secretary of the concern at that time (1908), became treasurer, and was elected president in 1918. He was also treasurer and a director of the Maynard H. Murch Company, investments; president of the Goodhold Farm Company, vice president of the Ohio Muck Farm Company, and a director in the Lincoln Electric Company and the Winton Hotel Company.

Mr. Henn ran for mayor of Euclid in 1926, but lost to Charles Ely. Later, in 1938 he introduced Ken Sims, a longtime mayor (1938-1970) to politics from the mansion.

The depression of the 1930’s, a blight on the grape crop, and advanced age brought economic ruin to Mr. Henn. Unable to pay his taxes, he agreed to a city settlement to let him live on the land until his death. The city then acquired the land. It was used for extra school classrooms and our Board of Education offices, then as the Recreation Department headquarters. Except for police and fire training, it stood empty in 1989 when the new city hall was built and all departments were consolidated.

“In all that pertains to good citizenship and particularly all that give encouragement to progress and civic reform at Cleveland Mr. Henn stands in the front rank, but he is not affiliated with any political party. He has advanced far in Masonry, having taken both the Scottish and York rite degrees and is a Shriner. Genial and friendly by nature, Mr. Henn has numerous pleasant social connections and his membership is valued in such well known organizations as the Union, the Willowick Country Club, and the Cleveland Athletic and Colonial clubs.” (Quoted from an early article in the Cleveland Press)

Gertrude, Albert’s wife lived in the mansion only 8 years before dying from complications of heart trouble and diabetes. Albert was a widower for 16 years. He never remarried. Mr. Henn died of cancer on May 4, 1947 at the age of 82, and is buried at Lakeview Cemetery.

Death information from the Cleveland Public Library Necrology File

Name: Henn, Gertrude Bruce
Date: Mar 21 1931
Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #036.
Notes: Henn, Gertrude Bruce, beloved wife of Albert W., mother of Edwin C., Howard R., Mrs. Kenneth Akers and Robert B., sister of Mrs. Jessie Bell and Miss Zula Bruce, Wednesday, March 18. Services at residence, 23131 Lake Shore Blvd., Saturday, March 21, at 2:30 p. m. Burial private.

Name: Henn, Albert W.
Date: May 15 1947
Source: Plain Dealer; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #036.
Notes: Henn, Albert W., husband of the late Gertrude B.; father of Mrs. Kenneth W. Akers, Edwin C., Howard R., and Robert B. Henn; grandfather of 12 and great-grandfather; May 14. Services from the Fairhill Home of the Millard Son & Raper Co., Fairhill at East Blvd., Friday, May 16, at 3 p. m