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March, 2014 Newsletter

President’s Message

Twice a year we have a “members” meeting where we entice you to attend with cakes and cookies. It gives members a chance to reconnect with the Henn and see what’s been going on. For anyone ishing to be more up to date, all board meetings (7pm, the second Tuesday of each month) are open. April 8th is this year’s “members” meeting and includes electing the board. Three board members ill not be renewing their terms. Martha Brennan and Dennis Berzinskas are retiring after well over a decade and a half of being on the board. Both were heavily involved in the Henn’s renovation. he look of the Henn today is a direct result of their influence. Secretary, Alex Gross, will also be leaving after two successful and productive years on the board. Teaming up with Vice resident Bob Oster to produce the new website, she also excelled taking and distributing the minutes. All three will be difficult to replace.

We have averted losing our Treasurer, John Barndt. He’s moving to Detroit, but has teamed up with Carole Price giving us two very good treasurers. Carole will take care of the physical banking nd check writing. John will handle the books via internet. He will also be able to attend some of the board meetings.

Betsy McCort, our long-term Rental Coordinator, retired in December. She established the rental system that keeps the Henn relevant. Betsy has also done an excellent job in training her replacement, Vicky Geer. Vicky has adapted quickly to the system making for a very smooth transition. Between their efforts and the new website, rental activity has exploded.

This is helping stave off the loss of our 2nd floor tenant who has not yet been replaced. It does, however, stretch our volunteer hostess staff. If you think you might like to be a hostess of a arge party a few times a month, we can definitely use your help.

Speaking of volunteering, Debbie Kramarz is looking to add another fund raiser to our two current fund raisers. If you would like to be involved in planning and setting up a sizable event, lease talk to Debbie at the Wednesday night open house or at the monthly board meeting. If you don’t want to volunteer, still consider attending the meeting. It’s a fun way to keep the Henn going.For nyone attending a fund raiser or even simply visiting the Henn, send off a tweet or blog about it. We would benefit greatly from your positive comments; it directly aids our website.

What’s happening with the Henn itself? See my renovation report on page 2 of this newsletter.

March 2014 Newsletter