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Henn Mansion July 2012 Newsletter

President’s Message

Jean Reilly
Dear Members,
It has been a great year for Friends of the Henn Mansion. We completed two major projects this year and are starting on renovating the NW Porch. As we near completion of our renovation goals, our focus will move into maintenance mode. Our future goals should now shift into better ways of running our business and marketing the Henn Mansion in and outside of the Euclid area. New member and our terrace designer/builder, Bob Oster, is forming a new marketing committee to explore this. His first idea was to promote us by using free social media outlets. He has started a Facebook page for the Henn and we can use this to promote future events, membership, our history, etc. So be our friend on Facebook! He could use help, so please consider joining this committee.

Our current lease with the city is up in December, 2012, and we need to decide if we have enough members/volunteers to carry on our work. This concern needs to be resolved, and will determine if we should renew the lease or consider other options. We have a few people interested in joining the board and we could still use a few more. Please note, you do not have to be on the board to volunteer or head a committee.

Please attend the next membership meeting and share your ideas, join our board or committees and contribute your ideas. If you can, get actively involved in our organization. We need your help to move forward.

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